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Written by James Dickson   
Monday, 11 July 2011 09:42

A common issue for all police officers and their equipment is maintenance, understanding how to clean body armor is important since if not done correctly could compromise your body armor's ballistics. The question of "how to clean body armor" is often asked and ForceOne Armor has come-up with a innovative an unique solution.


Armor Guard is ForceOne's latest addition to a body armor product line that is strides above the body armor industry's top of the line armor care products. ForceOne Armor provides users with the thinnest and best ounce-for-ounce ballistic protection available.


How to clean body armor.

With the addition of Armor Guard to the ForceOne Armor product line, body armor cleaning is easier than ever.


1. Remove your ballistic panels from your body armor carrier

2. Simply spray Armor Guard liberally on both the front and back your concealable body armor carrier.

3. Allow the product to dry.


Cleaning body armor is that simple.


If your body armor has extreme odor issues or is stained beyond basic use, it may take several treatments to completely clean and remove odor from your body armor.

To learn more about how Armor Guard can clean your body armor you can get the details here...

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