Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Custody Lawyer

Because custody is such a touchy subject for almost everyone, you need to hire the right lawyer who can defend you in the court. They can help you in making the right decisions and make sure that you’re not going to get carried away by your emotions in dealing with problems. Hence, here are the following common mistakes to avoid when it comes to hiring a custody lawyer.

1. Looking for an attorney at the last minute
Perhaps the most common mistake most people commit, without even knowing it, is looking for an attorney on the last minute. Having an attorney ahead of time can be a big advantage. You need to make sure they’re always available at your service. When dealing with custody, do not wait until the last minute in searching for possible lawyers that can help you. Instead, you should make sure that you’re to invest enough time because there are several factors that you need to consider and law firms are dotted almost everywhere.

2. Hiring a lawyer just because you know him
Another mistake most people perpetrate is they hire a lawyer just because they know him. Even if he is your family friend and he’s going to offer a discounted price for his services, you should not hire him unless he meets all your requirements and expectations. Also, having a personal relationship with your lawyer can somehow affect your decision and professionalism is gone.

3. Not looking for a specialized attorney
There is a big difference between an attorney who works in civil cases and a lawyer who works in custody. Choose a lawyer who can satisfy your requirements and needs. Working with an injury lawyer in a custody case is not advisable. Aside from that, it’s advantageous to work with a specialized lawyer because he knows the field better compared to a general attorney.

4. Thinking that big law firms are better

Do not think that the bigger the law firm is, the better services it can offer. Sometimes, it’s best to choose a small local law firm because lawyers can focus their whole attention on your case instead of busy lawyers in large firms. Although the reputation of the firm will matter as well. Make sure that you’re going to choose a firm that is highly-reputable to ensure that you’re going to hire a professional custody lawyer.

5. Not writing everything on the paper
If you’re going to ask for estimates, make sure that it’s going to be written in a contract that both of you will sign. Do not settle for verbal agreements because you can’t use it against him once he started showing you all of the hidden charges you didn’t know about. Aside from that, putting the estimate fee on papers will help you to make sure that all parameters will be covered by the amount you’ve agreed to pay for his services.

6. Being afraid to ask questions
You should not be afraid of asking questions especially if you want to clarify something. Most of the time, people are intimidated by lawyers. Hence, they will not bother to ask questions. Asking questions is fundamental because it builds a good communication with you and the lawyer that is the key to winning the case.

Make sure that you’re going to avoid the mistakes above in hiring a custody lawyer. Recruiting for the first time is not an excuse. You need to work with a professional lawyer especially when it talks about your child and family. In that way, you will have no regrets once the decision is made by the judge or jury.